Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Romantic Moroccan Feast


Kous Kous is the perfect place to share a romantic evening with your special someone.
Make your reservations today… Our Valentine’s Day Moroccan Feast is $49 per guest.

In Appreciation of My Mother


I posted this appreciation last year and the sentiment remains—my mother is strong and resourceful —she inspires me and I think of her often. In the Muslim world we have a saying, “Paradise is at the feet of… Read More

Moroccan Feast Menus featuring our new Surf and Turf!


At Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro & Lounge, we are excited to welcome spring and warmer weather. It’s a great time to get out, stroll around our unique neighborhood, Hillcrest, and stop in for a delicious specialty cocktail, like… Read More

A Moroccan Classic: The Tajine

Chances are, if you’ve ever eaten Moroccan food, you’ve eaten a tajine. Aside from cous cous, tajine is perhaps the best-known dish to originate from Morocco. The word tajine is used to describe a type of cooking pot as well as any number of one-dish meals.

Orange Blossom Water


Among the many wonderful scents and flavors you’re likely to experience in Morocco is orange blossom water. This common ingredient in Arab and Mediterranean cooking…

Video ~ From Marrakech to San Diego

My good friends, the very talented Lamiaa Chaszeyka and Clay Chaszeyka, produced this video for their upcoming documentary about Moroccans living in the U.S.

Winemaking in Morocco


Considering Islam’s provision against alcohol and Morocco’s 98% Muslim population, Morocco might seem like an unlikely winemaking region. However, the industry is flourishing, with Moroccan winemakers producing about 40 million bottles a year.

Argan Trees and The Goats Who Climb Them


If you travel to the south of Morocco, you’re likely to see some strange trees growing there. Or rather, some strange tree inhabitants. The trees are argan, and their unlikely companions are goats.

A Moroccan Custom: Mint Tea


Mint tea is to Moroccans as black tea is to the British. As one of the largest importers of tea worldwide, we drink it after every meal and throughout the day, and serving tea to guests is a fundamental sign of hospitality in Morocco.

Recipe: Preserved Lemons


One of my favorite things about owning a restaurant is educating my customers about the wonderful foods and customs Morocco has to offer. Today I want to show you how to make a common ingredient to the Moroccan… Read More